How to Calculate Home Value

When attempting to calculate your home’s value, you must take into consideration the following:

1. Your home’s current condition – Is it up to code?
2. Your location and it’s current market
3. The size of your home and the lot that it is on
4. How old your home is
5. Your home’s local competition (other houses for sale in your area)

Once you’ve taken into consideration all of these factors, you should begin to look at how much similar houses in your area are being sold for or how much they were recently sold for. This can give you a ballpark figure of how much your home is worth.

ListforLessIt is recommended that you hire a professional appraiser to come and appraise your home. You are guaranteed to get the actual price your home can be sold for and not some fantasy number. You can also use a home value calculator as well, but again, it may not be as accurate to your local area.


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